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Took a 9 days road trip. Drove 3,400 miles, through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, back to Colorado, New Mexico, and final destination Arizona for few weeks before heading to San Francisco International Airport (SFO).


Finally received my new laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Gen 2. It has been pretty tough using an underpowered and undersized laptop to record tutorials. Look foward to creating tutorials with my new laptop.


Handed in my resignation letter. I will be starting traveling the world with my girlfriend Blake beggining Octoboer 2019. After 9 years working in the Silicon Valley, I guess this is the end of my journey in the Bay Area. That also mean I will soon be dedicating myself to teaching Python, data analysis, Excel and Office automation (VBA) on YouTube full-time. My first stop is the beautiful Windy City Chicago.


Drafting tutorial lessons for working with Twitter in Python (Tweepy tutorial) and Google YouTube & Tasks APIs.


Next tutorial idea – creating an Amazon tracker bot with Python.


  • Store the URLs in a Json file.
  • Use BeautifulSoup to scrape price from various of product listings based on the URls in the JSON file.
  • Store the data a on a Google Sheets (using Google Sheets API) so it can be accessed everywhere and shared with other people easily. (Even host as a public page)
  • Host the Python script on PythonAnywhere and schedule to run it daily or x hourly.


Twitter bot is now scheduled and live on PythonAnywhere!


Signed up as a paid member of PythonAnywhere. Going to use their service to host my bots =).


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