Need Expert Help Automating Your Business Processes? How I Can Assist.

With over a decade of experience in technology and automation, I have propelled businesses into the future, enhancing efficiency and innovation. Here’s a snapshot of my journey and offerings:

  • Vast Experience: Developed 1,000+ macros, 100+ business applications, 500+ Python automation scripts, 100+ desktop applications, and countless SQL queries to streamline operations.
  • Proven Track Record: Worked with prestigious companies including Salesforce, Wells Fargo, Apttus, Dolby Laboratory, Bayer, and SteelSeries, delivering tailored solutions that drive success.
  • Industry Recognition: My YouTube channel, a treasure trove of knowledge with over 12 million views, teaches Python, SQL, and Excel, focusing on automation, data analytics, and business application development.

What I Offer:

  • Custom Automation Solutions: Bespoke automation scripts in Python and VBA for Excel, Access, and Outlook, ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency.
  • Cloud Technology Expertise: Proficient in AWS, Azure, and GCP services such as Lambda, S3, SNS, SQS, AI and Graph APIs, Cloud Function, BigQuery, and Cloud Storage, offering scalable and flexible solutions.
  • Google API Mastery: Expert integration with Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Drive API, YouTube API, etc., for seamless automation and functionality.
  • Desktop and Dashboard Development: Creation of user-friendly desktop applications using Python and PyQt6, and dynamic Power BI dashboards for comprehensive data analysis.

My commitment to excellence and passion for technology drive me to offer customized, innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Let’s harness the power of automation and cloud technology to transform your operations and achieve unprecedented efficiency.


  • Excel Automation: Elevate your efficiency with advanced Excel spreadsheets automation and custom Excel UserForm development, tailored to streamline your data management and reporting processes.
  • Office Application Integration: Achieve seamless workflow integration across Office applications (Excel, Outlook, Word, Access), enhancing productivity and collaboration within your business operations.
  • Python Scripts Development for Automation: Utilize custom Python scripts to automate complex tasks, ranging from data analysis to network management, increasing accuracy and saving valuable time.
  • Desktop Application Development: Create powerful, user-friendly desktop applications designed to meet your specific business needs, using Python and frameworks like PyQt6 for a seamless user experience.
  • Web Scraping & Data Extraction: Harness the power of Python with BeautifulSoup and Selenium for sophisticated web scraping, and API-based data extraction, cleanup, and transformation, unlocking valuable insights from complex datasets.
  • Salesforce Report Automation: Automate your Salesforce reporting, ensuring timely, accurate, and actionable insights with customized automation solutions.

Services & Pricing:

  • Excel Macro Development: For $30.00 USD, enhance your efficiency with a custom Excel macro designed to automate your report or daily tasks, provided the task can be completed within 1 hour.
  • Python Scripting for Automation: For $60.00 USD, get a tailor-made Python script to automate your specific tasks, with the same one-hour completion promise.
  • Consultation and Project Rates: My project-based hourly rate ranges from $50 to $100, varying with the project’s complexity and specific requirements.

For inquiries, please contact me at Payment through PayPal or Venmo is accepted.

Additional Information:

Located in Chicago, IL (CST Timezone), I am perfectly positioned to collaborate with clients across various time zones, ensuring timely and effective communication and project delivery.


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