Microsoft recently released a new VS Code extension called Pylance, an improved language server specifically for Python.

To install the Pylance extension, simply search for Pylance from the marketplace in VS Code.

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  • Docstrings
  • Signature help, with type information
  • Better parameter suggestions
  • Faster code completion
  • Auto-import/remove feature
  • Error checking
  • Code outline/navigation/lens
  • Type check
  • IntelliCode compatibility
  • Jupyter Notebook compatibility

Settings and Customization

Pylance offers few customizations in which you can modify the settings in the setting.json file.


To specify the level of type checking analysis performed;

  • Default: off
  • Available values: off, basic, strict


To allow a user to specify what files they want the language server to analyze to get problems flagged in their code.

  • Default: openFileOnly
  • Available values: workspace, openFileOnly


To allow a user to specify a path to a directory that contains custom type stubs. Each package’s type stub file(s) are expected to be in its own subdirectory

Default value: ./typings


To automatically add search paths based on some predefined names (like src).

  • Default value: true
  • Available values: true/false


To allow a user to override the severity levels for individual diagnostics should they desire.

  • Available values:
    • error (red squiggle)
    • warning (yellow squiggle)
    • information (blue squiggle)
    • none (disables the rule)

Rule can be found here


To parse the source code for a package when a typestub is not found

  • Default values: true
  • Available values: true/false