Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Microsoft Excel, probably one of the most important software ever created. With more than one billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, it is hard to live without Excel these days. You can use Excel for so many things; organizing personal finance information, building customizez caulcuator, performing different types of analysis, making stunning graphs, and much more.

I hope from my blog, you will learn many new Excel skills to help you to work more efficiently.



Excel VBA Macro to Combine Worksheets in Excel

IF you use Microsoft Excel a lot, especially at work, it's a huge pain to combine multiple worksheets into a single master worksheet. Good thing we can automate just about any Excel work with VBA (aka Excel Macro). In this Excel tutorial, I will be sharing a VBA...

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Microsoft Office 365 (Excel) Supported Exchanges List

Microsoft has been constantly improving its Stocks feature as well as adding more exchanges. Below is the latest supported exchange list as well as additional information related to the exchange. Buy Me a Coffee? Your support is much appreciated! PayPal Me:...

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Building a folder generator app in Excel

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a Folder Generator App in Excel. We will be writing some VBA to perform the folder creation. Buy Me a Coffee? Your support is much appreciated! PayPal Me: Venmo: @Jie-Jenn Download...

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Reporting Automation For Beginners (Code Included)

Microsoft Excel Reporting Automation Excel VBA makes a amazing tool to automate reporting. If you work in Accounting or Finance, then being able to create a macro to automate a reporting that usually takes half hour to merely just a minute, and you can re-use the the...

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