Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Microsoft Excel, probably one of the most important software ever created. With more than one billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, it is hard to live without Excel these days. You can use Excel for so many things; organizing personal finance information, building customizez caulcuator, performing different types of analysis, making stunning graphs, and much more.

I hope from my blog, you will learn many new Excel skills to help you to work more efficiently.



List Hyperlinks From All The Worksheets with VBA

If you work with an Excel workbook that contains many hyperlinks across many worksheets, and you want to create a report to list out the information of each hyperlink, doing that manually sounds crazy to me (I have seen that in real live that actually...

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Merge Multiple CSV Files in Excel with VBA

Merge bunch CSV files into one single Excel file manually requires a lot of time and efforts, and on top of that, it's a painful task. What if you can automate the process with just a single macro?In this tutorial, I will teach you how to write a VBA script to merge...

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Delete Rows with Strikethrough Texts in with Excel VBA

Quiet often when you collaborate with a team member or group of people on a Excel spreadsheet, when the most commonly thing is people will apply strikethrough to the items or texts they want to remove from the file. Not sure why in Excel, there is no function to...

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Count Visible Rows in a Auto-Filtered List

When you apply an autofilter to a table or a cell range, you can use the SUBTOTAL function to count just the visible rows. The SUBTOTAL function is multiple functions built in one function with different methods (AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MAX, MIN, SUM, etc). In this...

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