A bit about me

Hello there. These days seems like everywhere you go, businesses are using data to make decisions left and right. As data analytics is becoming a critical component in a company’s day-to-day operation, we are seeing new software and new technology evolve rapidly to give us a better handle with the tremendously amount of data that we must deal with enable to succeed.

My name is Jay, an average guy who loves solve business problems with data. I am currently working as a full-time application developer for a tech company in the Bay Area (aka Silicon Valley). On my blog you will find tutorials on Python (data analytics), Microsoft SQL Server, Excel, and occasionally Salesforce, Access, and Outlook.

I graduated with a degree in Marketing, worked as an accountant as my first job at a medium-size family owned company in Chicago, then moved to the Bay Area to pursue better career opportunities. I have worked as a Financial Analyst, Microsoft Excel Developer, Business System Consultants, Data Analyst, Business Application Developer, and now Sales Application Developer.

Despite my zero computer science background, I was able to taught myself how to code and build business applications. I hope with my experience and knowledge I can encourage and help people to become a better data-driven professional.

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