Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Microsoft Excel, probably one of the most important software ever created. With more than one billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, it is hard to live without Excel these days. You can use Excel for so many things; organizing personal finance information, building customizez caulcuator, performing different types of analysis, making stunning graphs, and much more.

I hope from my blog, you will learn many new Excel skills to help you to work more efficiently.



Building a folder generator app in Excel

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a Folder Generator App in Excel. We will be writing some VBA to perform the folder creation. Download the template Download Download the final file Download VBA Code:

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Reporting Automation For Beginners (Code Included)

Microsoft Excel Reporting AutomationExcel VBA makes a amazing tool to automate reporting. If you work in Accounting or Finance, then being able to create a macro to automate a reporting that usually takes half hour to merely just a minute, and you can re-use the the...

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How to create a progress bar userform with Excel VBA

Excel Progress Bar UserformA progress bar is a great way to presenting the current progress of something that is currently running. In Excel, the software does not come with a progress bar widget by default, but that does not mean we cannot create it on our own.In...

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Save a Backup Every Time When You Save Excel File

If you are working on a very critical project (like an audit), and you would like to keep a record of things every time when you save your Excel file. Despite Excel doesn't provide the feature - save a backup when saving -, we however, can create the feature on our...

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Send an Email Every Time When You Save Excel File

With Excel VBA, you can implementing features that are not even exist in Excel. In this tutorial we will be creating an auto emailing feature every time when you save your Excel file a macro will automatically fire and sending an email either to yourself or to whoever...

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How to Align Any Excel Form Controls with Simple VBA

If you are someone who works with Excel Form Control a lot, then I think you will find the VBA script that I am going to share with you in this video to be very useful. Often times, one of the most painful steps when working with Form Controls is to align them; it is...

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