Google Sheets API for Python

In this Python tutorial we are going to learn how to use Google Sheets API (also called Sheets API) to add a worksheet to an existing Google Sheets file.

Using Sheets API we can manipulate (read, write, update, delete) just about everything of a Google Sheets file. The API offers 2 main ways to interact with Google Sheets: via the spreadsheets.values collection and spreadsheets collection.

About Google Sheets:
Google Sheets is a cloud spreadsheet application created by Google. Similar to Microsoft Excel, Google sheets provides a rich selection of features and functions. Unlike Excel, Google Sheets is completely free, changes are automatically saved, seamlessly collaboration with your colleagues and friends. You can also export Google Sheets file to different file format (Excel, Csv, Text, Html, etc).

AddSheetRequest Documentation:
Adds a new sheet. When a sheet is added at a given index, all subsequent sheets’ indexes are incremented.

Google Sheets API Documentation:

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