Create a Letterhead for an Email Template

To pass this challenge, create a letterhead and add it to a new email template.
  • Create a letterhead called: Trailhead Service Letterhead. You aren’t tested on this, but you can add a logo and change the background color of your letterhead sections.
  • The template Name must be “Trailhead Service Email Template” and the Unique Name must be “Trailhead_Service_Email_Template”
  • The email template must be formatted as HTML (using Letterhead).
  • The email template must be stored in My Personal Email Templates.
  • The email template must have the subject: Service Cloud is Rad!!
  • The email template must include the following fields somewhere in the email body: Contact First Name, Contact Last Name and Account Name

Create a Feed Filter and Add it to the Page Layout

Create your own custom feed filter named “Customer_Interactions” that shows feed items about customer interactions. Then add it to the Case Layout page layout.
  • Add at least 1 filter criteria and select any visibility.