Create a Chatter group and update your profile

Create a new group and update your profile. 
Challenge Requirements:
  • Create a new Chatter group
    • Group Name: General Product Feedback
    • Group Access: Public
    • Give the group any description you want
  • Make a first post to your new group with any topic you want
  • Update your Chatter profile with values for Title, About Me, and City, and add a profile photo if you’ve not done so already

Enable feed tracking for an object

You must enable feed tracking on the Campaign object and track fields to report updates in the record feed. 
Challenge Requirements:
  • Enable feed tracking for the Campaign standard object. Choose any fields you want to include.

Use standard actions to create a poll post and a link post on your profile

Using the standard poll and link Chatter actions, create two posts to engage with the Chatter user community. 
Challenge Requirements:
  • Create a poll post and ask any question you like
  • Create a link post that share a link with other users to – the best learning tool for Salesforce out there!