Set up a communities user and a sharing set

In this challenge, you set up the external sharing model, create a sharing set, and create a customer community user. First, set up the external sharing model with Case set to private. Then, enable Customer Portal settings, and create a sharing set titled Share cases with customers for the Customer Community User Profile. In this sharing set, grant customer community users read and write access to the case object for all cases associated with their account.
  • Ensure that your DE org user has a role assigned.
  • Create a customer community user from Edna Frank’s contact record. (Your DE org should already have a contact record for Edna Frank. If it doesn’t, create a new contact with first name Edna and last name Frank.)
  • Ensure that the account associated with Edna Frank has cases associated with it.
  • Ensure that sharing set mapping is set to User:Account = Case:Account.

Set Up Reputation

Set up three different reputation levels in the org with the following parameters:

  1. Level 1: Old Brown Shoe
  2. Level 2: Blue Suede Shoes
  3. Level 3: Pumped Up Kicks