Create a Guest Administrator and deactivate it

Your Developer Edition org or Trailhead Playground comes with a System Administrator user. Create a new user using the System Administrator profile and then deactivate that user to preserve the licenses in your org. 

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Before You Start

  • Visit Setup | Company Information | User Licenses to verify that you have one available Salesforce license.
  • If you’ve already used both of your Salesforce licenses, deactivate one to complete this challenge.

Challenge Requirements

  • Create a new user with the following settings:
    • Profile: System Administrator
    • User License: Salesforce
    • Username: Must include guestadmin somewhere in it
  • The new user must be inactive

Create a profile and permission set to properly handle field access

All the sales team members have access to create, edit, and view Accounts and Contacts, but NOT delete them. Also, only select senior sales members should be able to see or edit the account Rating field. For this challenge, assume they have the same object and field permissions of the Standard User profile. For this challenge you’ll use both profiles and permission sets to control object-level permissions. 

Challenge Requirements
  • Clone the Standard User profile with the following settings:
    • Use existing profile: Standard User
    • Profile Name: Sales
  • Control access for the Sales profil
    • Object Permissions: Accounts (Read, Create, Edit)
    • Object Permissions: Contacts (Read, Create, Edit)
    • Field Permissions: Rating on the Account object (remove Read Access and Edit Access)
    • All other permissions from the Standard User profile remain as is
  • Create a new permission set with the following settings:
    • Label: Rating
    • API Name: Rating
    • User License: Salesforce
  • Give the Rating permission set access to account Rating field: Read Access, Edit Access

Configure appropriate organization-wide defaults

Challenge Requirements
  • Create custom object with the following settings:
    • Label: Project
    • Plural Label: Projects
    • Object Name: Project
    • Record Name: Project Name
    • Record Name Data Type: Text
  • Configure organization-wide defaults for the Project object so that project records are only visible to the record owner and users above them in the role hierarchy.

Create a Role Hierarchy for a new Team Alignment

Challenge Requirements
  • Create the Chief Sales Officer role:
    • Label: Chief Sales Officer
    • Role Name: Chief_Sales_Officer
    • Reports to: CEO
  • Create the Sales Strategy Manager role:
    • Label: Sales Strategy Manager
    • Role Name: Sales_Strategy_Manager
    • Reports to: Chief Sales Officer
  • Create the Training Coordinator role:
    • Label: Training Coordinator
    • Role Name: Training_Coordinator
    • Reports to: Sales Strategy Manager

Set Sharing Rules for Training Coordinator and Projects

Challenge Requirements
  • Create a custom field on the Project object:
    • Field Type: Picklist
    • Field Label: Priority
    • Values (each value separated by a new line):
      • High
      • Medium
      • Low
    • Make the field visible to all profiles and add it to all Project page layouts.
  • Create a sharing rule for the Project object:
    • Label and Rule Name can be anything you choose
    • The rule should provide access if Priority = High
    • The rule should provide access to the Training Coordinator role
    • Access should be Read Only
  • Don’t set the organization-wide defaults for Project to “Public Read/Write”