Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data are some of the hottest things in the tech world today. In this tutorial series we will be learning how to use Google’s Vision API cloud service to learn how to work with vision AI in Python.

Google Cloud’s Vision API is a very powerful AI cloud service offers pre-trained machine learning models. Using the Vision AI, you can perform things such as assign labels to an image to organize your images, get the recommended crop vertices, detect famous landscapes or places, extract texts, and few other things.

Vision API Features (Methods)

Detect objects

Detect objects, location of objects, and number of objects.

Detect handwritten and printed text

Extract texts from handwritten letters (image or PDF/TIFF), documents (image or PDF/TIFF).

Detect faces

Detect faces’ locations, facial attributes. (Facial recognition is not supported.)

Identify landscapes

Detect famous landscapes or places.

Identify logos

Detect company logos.

Search similar/identical images on the web

Search images similar/identical from Google’s database.

Crop hint

Suggest vertices to crop your image.