Create a Lightning Action

To complete this challenge, you need to add an Aura component to your org. Then use that component to create a Lightning action on the Account object. When the action’s button is clicked, it creates a new contact based on form input. To get started, install this package that contains the component bundle that you’ll need to modify.
  • The Aura component must be named quickContact.
  • Add the appropriate interfaces to the quickContact component. (Hint: there are two.)
  • Create a new action with Label Quick Contact and Name Quick_Contact on the Account object that invokes the quickContact component.
  • Add the action to the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section of the Account Layout page layout. Hint: you may need to hover over this section and click override the predefined actions to add the action to the section.
  • Having trouble installing your app? Read this article for help.