Create a leads report

Make a report that shows you a count of leads grouped by source and rating.
  • Name the report Matrix of Leads and save it in any folder
  • The new report should be of type Leads
  • The report should show My Leads, the format should be Matrix, and the date range should be for All Time
  • Column grouping should be by Rating
  • Row grouping should be by Lead Source
  • We won’t test for this, but hide details to simplify display

Create a report and dashboard to show Cases by status

Create a report that meets the following criteria, and then create a dashboard off of that report.
  • Name the report Cases by Status and save it in any folder
  • The report should be of type Cases
  • The report format should be Summary
  • The report should be grouped by the case Status field
  • Show details on the report by enabling Details (this makes column data visible and editable)
  • Create a Dashboard named Cases Dashboard and use the Cases by Status report as the source report
  • Add any dashboard component you want
  • Save and run the dashboard

Create and share a dashboard

Create a report of opportunities grouped by type. Then share a snapshot on Chatter.

To get started

Turn on feed tracking for dashboards and enable dashboard component snapshots, as specified in this unit.

  • Name the report Opportunities by Type and save it in any folder
  • The report must be of type Opportunities
  • The report format must be Summary, and the date range should be for All Time
  • The report must be grouped by Type
  • Create a dashboard named Opportunities Dashboard and save it in any folder
  • Create a dashboard component using the Opportunities by Type report (use any component you want)
  • Post a snapshot of your dashboard component to the dashboard Chatter feed