Create a Case and Case Team

Your VP just informed you that your company has a new support policy of including specialists on each case. To pass this challenge, create a case team and add it to a brand new case. Note: You will need to have the Case Teams related list on your case page layout to complete this challenge.
  • Create a case. Set the Subject to ‘Broken Router’, Origin to ‘Phone’ and Status to ‘New’.
  • Create a Case Team Role where the Member Role Name = ‘IT Specialist’ and Case Access = ‘Read/Write’
  • Create a predefined case team with the name ‘Specialists’.
  • Add yourself to the Specialists case team with the role of ‘IT Specialist’.
  • Add the Specialists case team to your newly created case.

Create a Case with Assignment and Escalation Rules

You’ve launched an exciting new product named Booyah and have trained a set of your agents to support it. Create a queue for Booyah and an assignment rule to route cases that contain Booyah to that queue. Also, create an escalation rule to reassign any high-priority Booyah cases to you when they’re not closed after 30 minutes.
  • Create a queue with the name ‘Booyah’ for the Cases object.
  • Create an assignment rule with the name ‘Assign Booyah’ to route cases to that queue.
  • The assignment rule should route cases where the Description contains ‘Booyah’.
  • Add an escalation rule with the name ‘Booyah’ to escalate cases.
  • The escalation rule should escalate cases not closed after 30 minutes, based on when the case is created, and should use business hours specified on the case.
  • The escalation action should assign the case to you.
  • Both the escalation rule and assignment rule must be active.