Create a session-based permission set and assign it to a user

Your Sales department has some long-needed help for updating account information. One temporary employee named Lynda Herman needs to update, or edit, accounts as needed. For example, you have an account named Acme whose details she should update. You want the person to have access only during specific sessions, since she’s not a full-time company employee. Create a session-based permission set and assign it to Lynda Herman.
  • Clone the Read Only profile and name it Read Only Clone
  • Create a user named Lynda Herman and assign the Read Only Clone profile to her
  • Create a session-based permission set
  • Permission set name: Temporary Account Edit
  • License: None
  • Object: Account
  • Enabled permissions: Modify All
  • Assign the permission set to Lynda Herman

Create a flow that activates a session-based permission set

Before You Start

  • If you haven’t already done so, complete the challenges in the previous unit in this module before attempting this challenge. Otherwise, this challenge doesn’t pass.

Challenge Requirements

You have a session-based permission set that you’d like to activate, but you don’t code. Create a flow that activates a permission set named Temporary Account Edit. Make sure Lynda Herman can run the flow by enabling the Manage Flow permission on the Read Only Clone profile.

  • In the Read Only Clone profile you created in the previous unit’s challenge, enable the Manage Flowpermission
  • Create a flow
  • Flow name: Accounts Temp Access
  • Make sure the flow references a session-based permission set named Temporary Account Edit as an input
  • Type: Screen Flow
  • Activate the flow